About us


To change society into a society responsible towards the environment in which we live – with informing, educating, and advocating active participation in the processes of change, and by encouraging individual and social groups to review the current situation and participate in the changes.

In the area of County Osiječko-Baranjska it is necessary to increase the level of knowledge regarding the development of tourism and to find potential leaders in the development of tourism. This region has extraordinary natural beauty with a rich cultural and historical heritage, but is underdeveloped compared to other areas with fewer natural resources, but with a much higher management skills and a higher level of knowledge of the local population.


The values and principles of activities

  • Children and young people are equal and equivalent members of society. Children have the right to optimal conditions for growth and development in the intact medium, while the adults are responsible for the preservation of natural resources and improving the quality of life of future generations.
  • Individuals have the right to choose based on knowledge and information.
  • We put special emphasize on the prevention and trying to anticipate problems.
  • The tolerance and acceptance of diversity, with special emphasis on the multicultural environment in which we live in Baranja.
  • Openness to collaborate with others in order to promote tourism in Baranja and the region, as well as to the international cooperation for the purpose of rural development of the area.